Week 3 - Navigating Through Sickness, Strength, and Sign Language Surprises

Hey everyone! The plot takes an unexpected turn as we delve into the chronicles of Week 3 on my American Sign Language (ASL) journey. Battling illness, I found myself faced with unique challenges that transformed my learning experience. Join me as I share the triumphs, the struggles, and the surprising connection between sickness and newfound ASL insights. A Week Marked by Sickness: Week 3 unfolded with a cruel twist—sickness. Navigating through days of illness brought new challenges, making it difficult to summon the strength for focused learning. However, the indomitable spirit of curiosity refused to be dampened. Balancing Work and Learning Amidst Illness: Despite being unwell, I continued to fulfill my responsibilities at work. Adhering to safety measures, I diligently wore a mask until I fully recovered. It was a delicate balance, but my commitment to my professional duties and personal learning remained unwavering. Losing My Voice and the Significance of ASL: By the end of the we

Week 2- ASL Chronicles: Navigating Busy Waters and Teaching Triumphs

Hello, fellow language enthusiasts! As I recount my experiences from my second week of learning ASL, the story becomes more complex with a packed schedule, unforeseen obstacles, and an enjoyable teaching opportunity. All of this also caused this blog post to come up late; however, Come along as I discuss the ups and downs of the previous week, balancing the challenges of daily life while still making time to cultivate my love for ASL. A Week of Surprising Activity: Life has a knack for surprising us, and this week, my schedule was filled with constant activity. My school needed an EA for the afternoons familiar with the class. This was for a Pre-K class I have been in before so, I gladly offered my assistance. Consequently, my learning time was negatively impacted. Yet, a glimmer of hope appeared during the chaos, making everything worthwhile. Teaching Success: "O Canada" in Sign Language: One of the pleasant surprises of this week was starting an ASL project with my students

Week 1- Back to the Basics: My ASL Adventure Begins!

Along the colourful threads of my life lies a one-of-a-kind and strong tale: one of connection, strength, and the beauty of understanding. Every time I think about my trip, I keep coming back to American Sign Language (ASL). Follow along on this blog post as I talk about why I want to get back into ASL and how it changed my life so much.  I have a speech impediment , which makes talking to people a difficult dance. ASL became a lifesaver during this time, giving people a way to communicate when words failed. Its visual and physical qualities helped me connect with others, which led to better knowledge and less trouble communicating. Why ASL Is Important:  The American Sign Language (ASL) is a rich visual language that goes beyond spoken language. Sign language's emotional nature lets people communicate in a more complex way, picking up on details that words alone might miss.  ASL was very important to me during a difficult time in my life. Learning this language again is a way to h

Embarking on My Digital Odyssey: A Peek into My Tech-Fueled Day

Got a minute? Let me tell you about my tech-filled day. Technology is more than just a tool; it's my BFF. It's a part of my routine, both academically and personally. Want to join me on my digital journey? I'll show you my favourite websites, apps, and tools that make my day run smoothly. First off, let me introduce my digital haven. Dashlane is my trusty password keeper that sits on my desktop and mobile devices, saving me from the hassle of forgetting passwords. There is a free version and a premium version. I know not everyone will trust it, but for someone with a poor memory, it's a lifesaver. Honey is my shopping sidekick that will automatically add coupon codes to my purchases, making every online purchase a money-saving adventure. And then there's Grammarly , my reliable companion that saves me from the pitfalls of imperfect spelling. I have used it for years, and as someone who is an English minor, my grammar is usually good, but my spelling needs a lot of

Amelia's School Symphony: An About Me Adventure Filled with Joy, Pins, and Puppies

Greetings! I'm Amelia Ciarciaglini, your friendly neighbourhood EA. Currently based in White City, I split my time between Regina Public School Division and Prairie Valley School Division. However, I'm currently working with the fantastic kids in my 2/3 class at Imperial School. Spreading joy is my forte, and my secret weapon is the "ita bag" that showcases my vibrant pin collection. It's a hit with the kids, bringing smiles to every school I visit. Teaching wasn't my initial plan, but being an EA has become my passion. Each day, I find joy in making a positive impact on these young minds. Receiving gifts from the kids is a cherished highlight, and my collection of drawings and tokens from every school is a testament to the joy they bring.  Beyond the classroom, I'm a Minecraft enthusiast, and when it comes to music, I'm a triple threat, playing piano, bass clarinet, and ukulele as well as more. Despite facing a speech impediment and being able to be u